Back to School.

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Caution: long post ahead. Didn't mean for it to be so long. At first, I was only going to post a few outfit ideas for the upcoming school year, but eventually it turned into "Alona talks about a lot of things she has to say about high school and how she got through it". Consider yourself waned.
For most of us, high-school isn't the easiest time. Far from it, actually. Puberty kicks in and brings along pimples, hormones that go completely crazy and for me- hair as frizzy as it gets.  Some experience their first romantic and/or sexual relationships. You try to find yourself. You try to find where you belong. On top of all of that, you're expected to be able to focus on your classes.

High school was a tough time for me. I had friends, but my social anxieties kept me from being able to go out with them or communicate with others for a while. I had a hard time staying focused in class, so I would stay up all night, trying to catch up with whatever was taught in class. I wasn't very good at subjects like math and physics like a lot of my other class mates-something that always made me feel as though I'm not good enough. Overall- not a great experience, but nevertheless an experience. I learned a lot, and decided to put together a mini-survival guide for those of you who are going back to school.

Outfit Ideas

I wasn't very confident in myself for a long time while in high school. I was always afraid of what others will think about me and the clothes I wanted to wear. I limited myself, and it took me a while to realized that it only made m miserable. For school, I had to wear a t-shirt with the school's logo, but I could play around with the pants, the accessories and coats. I gathered a few essentials that in my opinion at least, will allow you to have fun with the clothing and make it your own.  

Back to School #2

1 // Striped T-Shirt: I may have developed an obsession with striped t-shirts over the past year.  I blame the endless amount of French films I've been watching. Striped t-shirts are like the upgraded basic white t-shirt.

2 // A-Line Buttoned Down Skirt: If you've stepped into a mall in the past 3 months you would've probably noticed that 70's came back into our lives, and gave us all an opportunity to channel our inner Jackie (aka the stunning Mila Kunis in the role of the teen who never went through an awkward period).

3 // Loafers: If you've been following me for a while, you know that loafers are my everything. I wil wear them with whatever, whenever, wherever. During my high school days which ended two months ago, I wore loafers practically every. Single. Day.

4 // Backpack: Backpacks are a classic choice. There are a variety of styles, sizes, colors and shapes to choose from.

Back to School #1

1 // Basic White T-Shirt: This is a basic item that can be dressed up (or down), not matter what your style is. Buy one that is of good quality, and it will take you far.

2 // Comfortable Jeans: A basic white t-shirt and denim is a classic combo. You can accessorize whichever way you like- whether you'd like to leave it as it is or put enough necklaces so sink a boat.

3 // Flats: Honestly, any type of shoes would look great with the combo mentioned above. It's up to you to decide which look you're going for. A shoe can completely change an outfit.

4 // Faux Leather Backpack.

Websites That Make You Feel Less Miserable About Exams:

2 // Doulingo (great for students studying languages!)

Books and Movies That Made Me Realize That Other People My Age Feel Shitty As Well:
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General Tips:

1 //
Don't worry about being "cool". As hard as it can be- just be yourself. Wear what you like, listen to the music that makes you happy, do what makes you happy, and don't compare yourself to the "it girls" of your school.
2 // Find hobbies that will help you escape from the everyday life. For me it was blogging. I could take sometime off during the week and focus on something that had absolutely nothing to do with my school work.
3 // Do not make a countdown to the last day of school. It will only make you more miserable. Trust me.
4 // High school is temporary. Everything is temporary. The people around you, your teachers, your friends, the classes you hate, the classes you love. Remember that things will pass. Appreciate the good things while they're happening. When things get bad, just keep in mind that it's temporary.
5 // Receiving bad grades does not make you "dumb" or "stupid". Yes, you should aspire to good grades. Study as much as you can, but remember that the grades you score on exams don't define you as a person.

If you have any questions or need any type of advice, feel free to comment below, email me or message me on tumblr (links in the sidebar!). I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Love, Alona


  1. Such a good post! It will be our first time wearing our own clothes to school so the style sets you've put together are perfect - will definitely be drawing some inspiration :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. Beautiful ideas!! Thanks for your comment in my blog, would you like to follow each other?:)


  3. This is such a cool post! I've been stalking your blog, you're so perfect <3 Amazing style too

    crownonoxford.blogspot.com (Would absolutely love it if you took a sneaky peek :P)

  4. I would 100% wear that first outfit! I had a uniform in high school, so that was one less thing to think about at least.

  5. Loved reading this post so much! The outfits are all so wonderful and the books you mentioned too :)

  6. Ah I love love love your selection of books. Did you also see The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie? It was so good.


  7. Wow, this post is amazing, says someone who's just about to enter her sophomore year of high school and is more excited than nervous, really. Also, thanks, she adds.


    1. Great post! Love your outfit ideas and your blog is so nice!
      Beth x | bethabigail.blogspot.co.uk

  8. You just made me miss everything about high school and being super young and free! This is such an awesome entry and I truly enjoyed it!


  9. So nice post on the back wards, I loved the looks, especially the second :)

    - www.helenaprimeira.blogspot.pt
    - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8FHHl3dT3g
    - https://www.facebook.com/PrimeiraPanos?ref=hl

  10. I love this post so much! I'm going to be a junior this year and will definitely be following your tips. I used to be afraid of wearing what I wanted to, but I've slowly come to realize that I should wear what I want to wear :) Thank you so much for sharing this.
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  11. I love all the bags!


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