To be completely honest, I don't like Jerusalem all that much. Being non-religious, I guess I'm missing out on the whole spiritual experience. Over the few years, Jerusalem has turned into a much, much more religious city, and it seems as though if you are secular, you have no place there. The Jerusalem SlutWalk was held in the center of the city a couple of weeks ago. Before I left home to catch the bus to the city, I realized I felt uncomfortable in my short skirt. I felt uncomfortable wearing something that isn't "modest" in my own capital city, the city in which I was born.  

As a kid, I used to love Jerusalem. I used to love walking around in the city center with my mom, eating soup at my favorite Italian restaurant, window-shopping at all the beautiful stores built at the feet of ancient buildings, and wandering through the little art galleries. As I got older, Jerusalem lost part of its magic. 

Eventually I wore the skirt I wanted to wear, and the SlutWalk was incredibly empowering. I took some photos, but when I got home I realized I didn't like quiet a few of them. A few days ago I had a few errands to run at the recruiting office in the city, and I decided to take my camera with me. For about an hour and a half, I walked near the Ben Yehuda market, ate a delicious fruit salad at the Nachman coffee shop, and discovered an amazing second-hand bookstore. I hope that I'll be able to visit and rediscover Jerusalem this upcoming summer as well.



  1. These photos are amazing! Jerusalem looks gorgeous, would love to visit sometime
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  3. Lovely photos :)

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  4. Jerusalem is such a historical place, I would love to visit it one day!

  5. Lovely pictures! I understand why you don't really like Jerusalem, but I when I am older I wanted to go, because of the nice building and that kind of stuff haha



  6. Love this place, and all the pics!

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  7. You have such a cool site! Love it!


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