Sharpen Your Knife.

Mom's vintage dress // ASOS loafers // Bershka clutch

Hi there.
My life hasn't been too interesting lately if I'm being honest. I mean besides my soul crying over the fact that both Alt-J shows in Israel are sold out (and the next time they'll set a foot in Israel would probably be when I'm 500 years old), and that I'm very close to failing math, nothing has changed. The only thing that's keeping me from crying 24/7 is knowing that my last math final is in less than a month. 24 days to be exact. After that, I'll be done with both math and scripture studies, which means that my schedule will be much more open to social life and perhaps some sleeping as well.

Since it was Israel's Independence Day on Thursday, I had a three-day weekend. Did I do anything useful? Ha. Nope. That is unless you consider eating and having a french movie marathon as something useful. Can I marry Louis Garrel? Please? 

Stay weird, 

P.S- Can you tell these photos were taken while I was running on 45 minutes of sleep? :::D

P.S.S- My mom used to wear this dress before I was even born. Quiet incredible to see how it survived all these years.


  1. You look very good in black and this dress fits you perfectly. Let's call it a lifetime piece of clothing. Good luck with your math!

  2. great dress! and you are gorgeous :)

    xoxo, rae

  3. I love this look! Also, not to make you jealous or anything, but I saw Alt-J a couple months back :D they were great. I'd recommend checking sites for second hand tickets.

    Cadaea | Cadaea.Blogspot.com

  4. Too pretty! I love the design of your blog as well, so clean, beautiful and easy to navigate. Loving everything!

    Hearts of Gold Blog

  5. Love this outfit, so classy !


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