Everyday Makeup Products.

1) Protection Lotion (SPF 30) by Garnier. As soon as I finish washing my face, the first thing I do is put on sunscreen. This Granier one is the lotion I've been using for the past year. People don't realize the effect the sun has on our skin. As someone who lives in a place where every season is sunny, I try to put in some extra effort when it comes to protecting my skin from the sun. 

2) BB Cream by Garnier. This one is a lifesaver. It may not be as good as I thought it would be, but it's a great alternative to all you guys out there who may not like foundation as much. It looks pretty natural, and goes almost unnoticed. 

3) Super Stay Concealer by Maybelline. This is a concealer I swear by. As someone who has acne-prone skin, this little guy saves the day. It's creamy, stays on for quiet a while, and blends into your skin very well.

4) BB Powder by L'oreal. I've started using this BB powder just over the summer. I have to say that so far- I'm impressed. Not only is my skin acne-prone, it also gets oily- fast. I carry this around in my bag, and whenever I start looking like I dipped my face in a bucket of oil, I gently powder is on, and my skin looks fresh.

5) Telescopic Mascara by L'oreal + Eyelash Curler. I'm pretty sure my eyelashes couldn't be shorter. Without mascara they seem to be completely MIA. Over the past couple years I've tries many different mascara- raging from high-end brands like Clinique to drugstrore brands like Revlon. I've found that what works best for me are the L'oreal mascaras. Any, really. As for right now, I'm extremely happy with the Telescopic one.

Update post will be coming soon! 

Love, Alona


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